The English Major

At 36-37 credits, the English major is designed to fit into students' busy schedules. It also makes a great second major, and students who want to delve more deeply into our course offerings will have time and space to do so.

Interested students begin their English major with an introductory, liberal education course on topics such as science fiction, tales of terror, Harry Potter, crime fiction, film, the Bible in literature, and world literature.

From there, English majors develop a foundation in major literary periods and traditions by choosing from a range of course options in American Literature, British Literature, Early Period Literature, and Later Period Literature.

Students also have the opportunity to explore a special genre or medium of their choice. Options include fiction or poetry writing, children's literature, film, drama, the novel, and digital literature.

Finally, English majors choose two senior-level seminars that let them work closely with faculty and other English majors in a smaller-group setting. Watch how well you learn to collaborate, read closely, write clearly and persuasively, and think critically—skills sought by employers in all fields.

Contact the ELWS department office or any English faculty member to learn more about the English major and how it can fit your goals.