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MA in English Alum Opens New Business as Life Doula

rocksteady life
December 17, 2018

Sally Palmer, alumnus in of the MA program in English, has opened a new business as a Life Doula.

Sally Palmer, alumnus in of the MA program in English, has opened a new business as a Life Doula. According to Palmer, "The mission of Rocksteady Life is to eliminate the barriers that stop parents from getting the help that they need. I meet families where they are, regardless of their location or financial situation, and offer individualized holistic care and resources."

Palmer coined the term “Life Doula.” Doula is a Greek word which means servant. In Palmer’s context, she works with her clients on a deeply individual, personal, and emotional level, much like a Birth Doula. The main difference is that she is offering this type of emotional support for all stages of life, focusing on families with kids who have dietary restrictions or allergies and diagnoses such as Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. She also uses art and narrative therapy techniques to help clients move past trauma and incorporates body work such as Reiki and MNRI re-patterning.

According to Palmer, "I earned a Master’s Degree in Publishing and Print Culture, with an emphasis on Mexican Social Movements. As part of my degree, I traveled to experience different cultures, which led to learning about Holistic Medicine. I lived with an amazing woman in Mexico, who taught me how to identify plants, use essential oils and create salves. She sparked my curiosity in natural medicine and as a result, finding alternative cures for common ailments has become my passion. If I don’t know about a disease or condition, I will find the answer. My researching instinct is driven by my love of books and knowledge; plus, it’s incredibly empowering to find supplements and lifestyle changes that actually work."

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