Whitney Jacobson

Photo of Whitney Walters

Professional title

Assistant Professor


I believe that written and spoken word is powerful, and I hope to instill a respect and love for words in students. I think that given time, practice, and encouragement anyone can write well and find an appreciation for the skill. My current nonfiction writing projects focus on the skills, possessions, and beliefs previous generations do or do not impart on later generations as well as how loss affects later generations. I have enjoyed teaching at UMD since 2013. Outside of my work at the university, I help screen submissions for Split Rock Review and keep busy outdoors.  


MFA, Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Minnesota State University Moorhead, 2013
BA, English Literature, Concordia College, 2010

Courses Taught

WRIT 3110: Advanced Writing: Arts and Letters
WRIT 3140: Advanced Writing: Human Services
WRIT 3100: Advanced Writing: Language and Literature
WRIT 1120:  College Writing
WRIT 1006: Journal and Memoir Writing

Research Interests

Themes of feminism, blue-collar work, Minnesotan culture, generations, grief, and what is passed on.


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