Kenneth Risdon

Photo of Ken Risdon

Professional title

Associate Professor, English Graduate Faculty


Risdon was born and grew up on a large dairy farm in Northern Ohio. In 1975 he began teaching in the English Department at UMD.  Over the next 30 plus years he talked to at least hundreds of students in advanced writing classes which he continues to teach today.  During this time Risdon was director of composition, department head, chair of the educational policy committee several times, and served on many other committees at the department, college and university level. 


Dr. Risdon attended The Ohio State University and earned both a BA and an MA and English. After completing his master’s degree he moved to Idaho State University and earned a Dr. of Arts emphasizing the teaching of writing.

Courses Taught

Advanced Writing Courses


As part of managing the freshman and advanced writing program, Risdon collaborated with William Gibson to write more than 15 editions of College Writing: Assignments and Exercises.  As necessary support both students using the Computer Labs, he also produced 20 plus editions of computers and writing.