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Hispanic Studies major Cory Dixon is featured student athlete
Cory Dixon athlete and Hispanic Studies major(Click image above to view video)

Jane Cahill Poole, class of 2006
Jane Cahill Poole

In January 2018, the local law firm of Andrew & Bransky announced that WLC alumna Jane Cahill Poole has been named as a partner in the firm, which has been renamed Andrew, Bransky & Poole, P.A. Poole is a 2006 graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth, with a B.A. in Spanish and International Studies. She graduated magna cum laude from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in 2010 and has worked for the firm since 2011. She was named a "Rising Star" attorney in 2017 and practices in the area of labor law and employee benefits.

Abby Savolt, Valparaiso, Chile - Fall semester (spring in Chile) 2017

Abby Savolt in Valparaiso Chile

"I studied abroad in Valparaiso, Chile for my final semester of college. I took classes at one of the Universities, volunteered teaching English at an elementary school and traveled to different parts of the country in my free time.  It was the most incredible and humbling experience of my college career. I had hoped to improve my Spanish speaking skills but gained so much more than I ever could have imagined. I'll return to the US with many fond memories and a new view of the world and life."

The photo shows Abby kayaking in the Marble Caves (cuevas mármoles) near the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo.

Rachel Brinkman, Salamanca - Summer 2017

Rachel Brinkman Spain 2017

"I decided to double major in Hispanic Studies and Electrical Engineering at UMD. Although this is an unconventional combination, I believe my two specialties complement one another and open doors for me on a global level. In addition to language, I have learned history, architecture, literature, art, culture, gastronomy, and cinema. The skills you gain in presentation, communication, and writing in classes are equally beneficial as the knowledge you obtain. I originally explored the idea of a minor in Hispanic Studies to maintain my grammar skills while in school, but when I started taking the Spanish courses at UMD, I wanted to continue progressing after being greatly influenced by the professors. The students and faculty in this program are like a family, and the professors are among the most intellectual and kindest people that I know. Studying abroad at the University of Salamanca was a challenging and rewarding experience, full of academic and personal growth. I witnessed flamenco dancing in Andalusia, visited countless Cathedrals across the country, and studied the history of women in the Second Spanish Republic. Following my study abroad, I have already returned to Spain, seeing La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Picasso’s La Guernica painting in Madrid, and the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia. My degree has allowed me to travel the world and connect with people from numerous countries, opening my eyes to new ideas, cultures, and lifestyles. I chose not to limit myself to one subject and my skills have multiplied in ways I never could have imagined."

The photo shows Rachel at the Roman aqueduct of Segovia.


Submerged in Spain

"I'm taking a class on the art in Spain and it's opening my eyes,” says Anna Casperson. “There is so much history. We’ve seen palaces, climbed bell towers, and seen ancient stained-glass. It’s amazing and incredible.”

Anna is one of 26 UMD students who studied Spanish in Salamanca, Spain, for the month of June 2016. The students take language classes and electives to get a full language and culture experience.

The students study at the ancient University of Salamanca during the week but it isn’t about tourism. The classes are rigorous, and each student lives with a host family.

Aqueducts of Spain
Marissa Wheeler, Anna Casperson, and Abby Coyle at the Roman Aqueducts in Segovia.

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