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Student Corner

Cultural Entrepreneurship

UMD Cultural Entrepreneurship students are always working on something!

Whether it is blogging about their ideas, creating videos on cultural issues, competing in entrepreneurship competitions, networking with local entrepreneurs and business owners, or working out in the field, our CUE program students are encouraged to explore their interests.


Student Blog: "The Cultural Entrepreneur"

Who makes cultural entrepreneurship happen?

It could be anyone you walk past on the street; if you speak with them, they may just tell you that they are Cultural Entrepreneurs.

These people are the cultural change agents and the visionaries who can organize all forms of capital. Cultural entrepreneurs work to preserve our cultures and make our communities a better place. They imagine solutions that will yield economically sustainable enterprises that build up the lives of both the creative producers and consumers of the products. 

These people will take the risks and exploit opportunities that will help better their craft.

Many people have no idea that this type of person exists. We go along thinking that entrepreneurs are one in the same. They are all looking to promote their businesses and nothing else.

We do not see that there are people working to help better the communities we live in.

We do not see the cultural aspect of every product and service that is produced from their hard work. If you look around, you can see their work throughout the city you live in-- from the art and clothing shops downtown, to the recycling and compost put out on campuses.

Everyone who works to make the community a more sustainable, culturally better place is a Cultural Entrepreneur.

Become a Cultural Entrepreneur, and help make your community a better place to live in!   

~Meghan, CUE Student

Student Videos on Cultural Entrepreneurship: