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Cultural Entrepreneurship

Cultural Entrepreneurship Classes

CUE 1001: Culture Industry and Creative Economy (3 cr.) 
is the introductory class to the Cultural Entrepreneurship Program. This course is an introduction to the history and contemporary scope of the culture industry, and the closely associated creative economy. Topics discussed include tourism, sports, arts and entertainment, mass media, and the food and beverage industry. This course is project-based and at the end of the semester, students will have the opportunity to present their project to professionals and receive feedback.  

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CUE 1001: Culture Industry and Creative Economy (3 cr.)

CUE 1111: Creative Problem Solving (3 cr.) 

CUE 3001: Foundations of Cultural Entrepreneurship I (3 cr.)

CUE 3002: Foundations of Cultural Entrepreneurship II (3 cr.)

CUE 3101: Introduction to Design Thinking and Conceptual Competencies (3 cr.)

CUE 4002: Managing Cultural Organizations (3 cr.)

CUE 4096: Field Study/Internship (2 cr.)