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The Major

Cultural Entrepreneurship

CUE internship 

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Major

The Cultural Entrepreneurship (CUE) program is designed for our modern cultural and creative economy. All CUE graduates come away from our program with:

      • B.A. in Cultural Entrepreneurship 
      • Certificate in Business Administration (required)
      • Either (1) a minor and/or (2) another certificate or major in an area of their choice (required)
        • Based on their curricular paths and interests, CUE students tend to select minors in Foreign Languages (Chinese Area Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Hispanic Studies, Latin American Area Studies), Journalism, Communication, Business Areas (Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management), International Studies, and Museum Studies, among others. The students' faculty advisors can discuss complementary study options and help on course planning.

For the most recent program details of the B.A. in Cultural Entrepreneurship, please visit the UMD OneStop University Catalogue page

The Major: Three Pillar Academic Model

Cultural Entrepreneurship majors develop critical business and entrepreneurship skills within the liberal arts domain. 

The CUE major is conceptually built around three pillars:

    • Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Cultural Competencies
    • Foreign Languages

CUE students can select from a number of courses in conceptual competencies pillar, in order to develop depth in specific areas. Within these pillars, students are exposed to a variety of disciplines, creating a "Big Picture" thought process through six key areas of conceptual competencies:

1. Creativity and Design2. Empathy, Ethics, and Respect3. Meaning-making4. Picture and Story5. Play and Discipline6. Symphony and Synthesis

Cultural Entrepreneurship Courses

CUE courses are open to all UMD students, with select courses requiring some prior knowledge. Within the 2017-18 Academic Year, the CUE faculty will be teaching the following courses: