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Liao Presents "Racist Things"

Poster for talk given by Sam Liao. It depicts a Mammy figurine: a dark-skinned black woman in a red dress wearing an apron and carrying a broom.

Racist Things: How Biases Get Materialized in the World

April 19 @ 4pm in ABAH 445

Dr. Liao will also be joining Schroer's Race & Racism at 10am in 16A Darland.

UMD Philosophy has schedule it's next colloquium of 2017 on Wednesday, April 19, at 4pm in AB Anderson 445.  We are lucky enough to have Sam Liao here from the University of Puget Sound.  He will be presenting his paper "Racist Things: How Biases Get Materialized in the World ".  Below is an abstract for his talk:

We find implicit and explicit racial biases in individuals’ minds. We find conventionalized and codified racial biases in social structures. And, this talk will argue, we find covert and overt racial biases in mundane physical things. The recognition of “racist things” and its relation to other manifestations of racial biases allows us to better understand challenges in changing minds and changing social structures.

Poster for Talk by Sam Liao depicting a Mammy Figurine: Dark-skinned black woman, in red dress and apron, carrying a broom.