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Frame with maroon phrenology head, title: Department Events, with partial posters of past events.

The philosophy department maintains two ongoing colloquia. The Philosophy Colloquia series  hosts philosophers from all over the country on topics ranging from significant historical figures in philosophy to cutting edge approaches to major questions from the philosophy of mind to the philosophy of race and racism.

The Center for Ethics and Public Policy (CEPP) which promotes discussion and understanding of ethics and policy issues. The center fulfills its mission primarily through organizing public programs. The programs aim to be balanced and represent a diversity of views, especially through panel discussions involving the UMD and regional community.  Together these two programs host 5 - 7 talks per semester.  

Poster advertising honors thesis defense by Trevor Winger called "Obscenity Games" with cartoon images of men of different races talking where the speech bubble of one of the men is wrapped around the shoulders of the other all on a blue background.

Poster for Talk by Sam Liao depicting a Mammy Figurine: Dark-skinned black woman, in red dress and apron, carrying a broom.


  • 9th @ 7:30pm in Mitchell Auditorium (St. Scholastica) "A Progressive Argument to Reduce Immigration" a presentation by Philip Cafaro, Colorado State University. (Alworth Peace & Justice Series)  
  • 10th @ 4pm in HUM 490 "Reason, Race and the 'Human Project'" a presentation by Michael Monahan, Marquette University.
  • 16th @ 5p in LS 185  "Untested Sexual Assault Kits: National Issue, Local Initiative" a PAVSA panel discussion. (CEPP)
  • 17th @ 4pm in ABAH 435 "A Modern Hobbesian Account of The Global Sovereign" an Honors Thesis by Adrian Quilling.
  • 7th @ 7:30pm in Mitchell Auditorium (St. Scholastica) "Justice and U.S. Immigration Policy" with Aviva Chomsky, Salem State University. (Alworth Peace & Justice Series)

In addition, we have an active student run philosophy club -- The Socratic Society -- that meets weekly.  Our own faculty are also quite active giving talks all over the country and internationally.  In Spring 2017 we've already schedule a talk and several more are being scheduled.  Check back frequently for an updated schedule.


Our own faculty also give talks from time time. If you're interested you can follow our faculty around the world (or at least around North America):

  • February 17th @ University of Manitoba, Eve Rabinoff presents "The Experience of Goodness: Pleasure in Aristotle's Philosophy"

  • April 13th @ 2017 Pacific APA Conference, Seattle WA, Jeanine Weekes Schroer presents "Constructing Race and Racism Through Language"