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UMD Philosophy is an active set of faculty and student thinkers, exploring agency, time, consciousness, friendship, language, morality, oppression, perception, and technology.

About Our Program

The UMD Department of Philosophy offers a major and minor in philosophy, including a track with an applied ethics emphasis. We also offer a minor in Cognitive Science along with many Liberal Education courses. Philosophy classes cover topics that include ethics, law, logic, cognitive science, religion, scientific methodology, existential literature and many others.

Contact any our six full-time faculty or search the UMD catalog for additional information about the major, the minor, or our new Cognitive Science Minor come by the Department office in 369 ABAH to pick up information.

The Philosophy Department sponsors regular colloquia and informal philosophy discussion groups, and is also home to the Center for Ethics and Public Policy. The Socratic Society is an organization run by UMD students who are passionate about philosophy.

Philosophy Logo pictures Phrenology head altered to include references to college concerns.

Our program produces majors and minors who can:

  1. Demonstrate competence in the core problems of Philosophy and its traditions.
  2. Articulately communicate and debate philosophical issues, both verbally and in writing.
  3. Think critically and creatively in seeking solutions to practical and theoretical problems.
  4. Reflect fair-mindedly and critically about issues pertaining to human diversity in the context of its historical background.
  5. Bring analytical and critical thinking skills to the solution of social problems.
  6. Use ethical reasoning to make informed and principled choices.