UMD Jr. High Honor Band Festival


Here at UMD we are providing a chance for your best students to come and participate with other individuals who are at a similar level.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2020, the University of Minnesota, Duluth Department of Music will be hosting its Annual Junior High Honor Band Festival. The Junior High Honor Bands are composed predominately of outstanding eighth and ninth grade students from the area. A few seventh graders will be accepted on a special case basis. This festival typically features 3 honor bands each totaling between 80 and 120 musicians.

Our Honor Band Philosophy

The purpose of this festival is to give the best students in your program a chance to participate in an ensemble that not only performs well but provides the students an opportunity to learn more about music and hopefully inspire them to become more excited about music. While we want bands that play well at the concert, we are more concerned about what your students learn while they are here at UMD. The level of performance does not always reflect what has been learned. Having said that, I would like you to consider the following when you are nominating your students.

  1. Nominate only those who you know have achieved a level of skill beyond beginner level.
  2. Please nominate students who have good attitudes and want to learn.
  3. Please nominate students who want to work hard.
  4. Nominate those who will appreciate the opportunity you/we are providing them and want to take their experiences back home to help improve your program.

Festival Dates

Festival: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Letter to Music Directors

2020 Conductors

Mr. Randy Lee

Mr. Stephen Johnson

Dr. Mark Whitlock

Music Stands

Because of the large numbers of participants I’m asking each school to bring at least one stand for every two participants. If you could bring an extra one or two stands, that would be appreciated. Please remember to take them home!

Rehearsal Locations

In past years, because of the overwhelming response to this festival, we will be dividing the selected students into three bands of equal size. The Gold Band will be rehearsing on the Weber Music Hall stage. This band consists of a selection of the top students you nominated, including some of the older students. The Maroon Band will be rehearsing in the Kirby Ballroom and the White Band will be rehearsing on the Marshall Performing Arts Center stage. I hope you understand that the selection process was difficult, but I feel sure that we have three outstanding bands that will well represent all of your schools.

How to Nominate 

Nominations are now CLOSED

Annual Junior High Honor Band Festival - Tuesday, February 25, 2020. You may nominate as many students as you like. Feel free to generate another form if you would like to nominate more students. All nominations must be made by the February 7th deadline. Confirmations will be sent out by February 20th. For more information please contact Mark Whitlock - [email protected] or Dee Charles - [email protected]

Documents, Festival Information, Honor Band Up Dates

All documents, information, and updates for the Junior High School Honor Band Festival can be found on our Google Site.