Summer Plan B Fellowship

English Master of Arts Program

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The Summer Plan B Fellowships provide funding of $1000 to $2500 each to one or more graduate students in the English MA Program. These fellowships enable recipients to dedicate themselves to the completion of one Plan B paper over the summer and thus contribute to their timely completion of the Master of Arts Degree.

Because faculty are on leave during the summers and aren't regularly available, MA students should work with their Plan B supervisors during the preceding spring to make a research and revision plan for the summer's work.  Most Plan B Projects are revisions and expansions of work done previously for a class, and so this plan should envision how the Plan B project will be different in focus and scope from the original text. 


Any first-year English Master of Arts student in good academic standing with no incomplete credits may apply.

Application Materials

    • Please use the Microsoft Office document iconApplication Cover Form, including the following information:
    • Cover page with applicant’s name, contact information (address, email, phone), date, title of paper or project
    • Indication of support from Plan-B Paper or Project Advisor
    • Prospectus of the Plan-B Paper or Project (described in detail below) including the following:
      • Brief abstract of the paper or project regarding the topic, scope, problem and preliminary thesis of the project
      • Preliminary outline of the work
      • Plan for action describing the expansions and revisions agreed on with the Plan B Paper/Project Advisor
      • Annotated bibliography of works regarding the project
      • Preliminary Draft of the Paper or Project (i.e. either a completed seminar paper/project or one in progress). Research papers (literary, linguistic, rhetorical and pedagogical), creative writing, new media, and professional portfolio projects are all eligible for consideration.
      • A copy of the Contract Form for ENGL or WRIT 8094 (Plan B)


Applications must be submitted to the English MA Program's Director of Graduate Studies by the announced deadline in the spring semester (usually in March). 


Applications will be evaluated on the basis of completeness of application; thoroughness, development, and attention to detail, especially in the prospectus and plan for action; the quality, accomplishment, and potential of the work-in-progress.

Fellowship award recipients may also be asked to present their completed papers or projects to an audience of students in ENGL 8906 as well as invited faculty and peers in the program during the fall semester.



Briefly describe the paper or project. 300 word limit

    • Indicate the type of paper or project: Research, pedagogical, creative writing, new media, professional portfolio, or other faculty approved alternative.
    • Please note if the project requires IRB/human-subjects approval and if such approval has been granted.
    • Explain the scope and nature of the problem addressed by this paper/project

Preliminary Outline: 1 page limit

    • Preliminary thesis or statement of goals
    • Describe your approach to the problem
    • Steps toward discovery in the argument, arc of narrative or poetic endeavor, or media preparation
    • The Payoff: describe the potential significance of the paper or project

Plan for action: 1 page limit

    • Describe the expansions and revisions agreed on with the Plan-B Paper/Project Advisor

Annotated Bibliography (as appropriate)

Annotations should be brief (50 words maximum). Bibliography may include some combination of the following:

    • Primary Texts
    • Critical and/or Theoretical Sources
    • Archival Materials
    • Historical Materials, Sources, Analogues

Application Cover Form

Please download, complete, and print the Application Cover Form and include it with your submission.