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History, Political Science and International Studies

2017-2018 History Scholarship Recipients

History Scholarship Recipients

The Washburn Award

The Washburn Award is given annually to outstanding majors in the field of history. To be eligible, a student must by the spring semester preceding the year of the award:

  1. Have completed 80 semester credits of which a minimum of 20 are in history
  2. Be a history major currently enrolled in UMD
  3. Have an overall GPA of 3.00
  4. Not have received a Washburn Award previously.

The number and amount of the Washburn awards are decided by the History program's faculty who take into account the student’s overall GPA, history GPA, and number of history credits. Of these factors, history GPA is the most important. All majors who meet the requirements are automatically considered.

The Washburn Award is named in honor of J. L. Washburn, a prominent Duluth attorney who was the resident director of the Duluth Teachers College (now UMD), and as such, served on the board governing Minnesota’s state teachers colleges.