Geography, Urban, Environment & Sustainability Studies

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UMD’s GIS Program Assessment is centered on the following learning outcomes:

1- Graduates will demonstrate the theoretical knowledge expected from an early-career GISP (mapped to campus SLO 1)

2- Graduates will acquire, edit, query, analyze and visualize spatial data in the context of larger projects, at the level of an early-career GISP (mapped to campus SLO 2)

3- Graduates will be able to analyze a spatial question or problem, formalize hypotheses or solutions, then design and implement a workflow, at the level of an early-career GISP (mapped to campus SLO 3)

4- Graduates will communicate their work effectively, through writing, speaking and producing effective visual representations of geographical information and analysis results (mapped to campus SLO 6)

5- Graduates will articulate their personal strengths and skills as early-career GISPs as well as areas they wish grow in, and identify resources available to them for self-development (mapped to campus SLO 5)

6- Graduates will demonstrate behavioral dispositions expected from GIS professionals (mapped to campus SLO 9)

7- When confronted with professional situations, graduates will make decisions that conform to the GISP code of ethics (mapped to campus SLO 4)