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Careers, Internships and Graduate School

Geography and Philosophy

Careers, Graduate School, Internships

The ES Program has approximately 100 students enrolled, and graduates about 25 students annually. The program prepares students for a wide diversity of careers in private industry, government and non-profit organizations. ES Students have also gone on to graduate school to pursue advanced degrees in ecological economics/sustainable development, environmental law, resource management and policy, environmental studies/science and numerous other related fields.

ES Required Internship Program

Students in the Environment & Sustainability Program are required to complete two internship courses. The first, ES 4090, is designed to familiarize students with a wide variety of ongoing regional sustainable development projects. In this course, community project managers are invited to speak to the class every weak, students have the opportunity to discuss these projects with the individuals and organizations conducting them, and ultimately sign up for an internship that matches their interests and expertise. The second, ES 4097, is the actual internship. In this course, students work closely with community project managers on a wide variety of outside the classroom sustainable development projects.