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Geography and Philosophy

MissionDuluth Harbor

The mission of the Urban and Regional Studies Program is to prepare the future generation of urban scholars and professionals in urban-related fields. The program seeks to integrate the following five principles into its curriculum:

  • Interdisciplinary– the program recognizes the importance of drawing from the disciplinary expertise of many different disciplines in order to form a sophisticated understanding of urban issues.
  • Practicality – the program seeks to be both theoretical and applied. Therefore students learn about real-world urban problems, draw upon the theoretical expertise of urban scholars, and combine these analyses in finding solutions to urban problems.
  • Sustainability – the program is formed around a commitment to finding politically, socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable solutions to urban problems and developing urban system that will serve future generations of urban residents.
  • Globalization – the program understands that urban issues are global in nature. Thus we stress the interdependence of urban systems in a globally interconnected world.
  • Diversity – the program views cities as places where diverse populations of people interact with one another and create their lives. Therefore we stress the skills needed to communicate and coexist in cities of difference.