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Geography and Philosophy

Adam Pine

Adam Pine:

URS 1001 Introduction to Urban and Regional Studies
GEOG 1202 World Regional
GEOG 3334 Urban Geography
GEOG 3335 Urban Planning
URS 3999 Internship in Urban and Regional Studies

I am an urban geographer primarily interested in the relationship between population change and urban development. Given that we are living in the “age of migration” how is this changing the political, economic and cultural life of US cities? I am also deeply interested in questions of social justice and governance, and trying to figure out how urban governments can effectively manage “cities of difference.” Given these interests I have a wide variety of different research projects going on examining

  1. Migration and Citizenship This work looks at the politics of how immigrants are incorporated into the US city, especially in terms of economic development.
  2. The politics Food Scarcity and Food Deserts. This research examines food deserts in the Duluth / Superior area and the efficacy and community building potential of “alternative” food distribution methods like urban gardens, food shelves, and buying clubs.
  3. Geographies of Dance This work looks at the racial and political aspects of social dance in the US, with a particular focus on salsa dancing.

Dan Martin:

SOC 3156 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis
SOC 3831 Organizations and Society
SOC 4981 Social Movements, Protest and Change

Jennifer Jones:

Archaeology of Cities (in the URS area)
Introduction to Archaeology
Prehistoric Cultures
Development of Anthropological Theory
Prehistoric Archaeology: Old World
Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East

Dr. Jones's research interests focus on the development of urbanism in southwest Asia, particularly the transformations in economic and political organization that accompanied the shift from village to urban living. Dr. Jones has participated in archaeological projects in the countries of Jordan, Turkey Iraq, and the United States. Her current research project in Jordan investigates the organization of craft production in the Early Bronze Age city of al-Lajjun, Jordan which was occupied around 5000 years ago.

Jennifer Webb

ArtH 1303: History of World Art 1
ArtH 2300: City as a Work of Art
ArtH 3320: Ancient Art
ArtH 3330: Renaissance Painting & Sculpture
ArtH 3340: Baroque and Rococo
ArtH 4330: Florence and the Courts

I teach Art History classes in the Department of Art and Design. While my primary research area is the art, architecture and visual culture of fifteenth-century Italy, I am fascinated by the history of urban planning and issues facing contemporary planning. ArtH 2300, City as a Work of Art, brings the past and present together in a way that allows students to think about the long-term impact of design decisions.

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