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Interdisciplinary Studies

Geography and Philosophy

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Design your own major

"CLA’s Interdisciplinary Studies program enables me to pursue my individualized passions and achieve my dreams." --Jessica Tapper, IS Major in Holistic Health

"This program provided me an expansive perspective and diverse educational experiences that no single major could."

About The Program

The B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies is for students whose educational goals can best be met by integrating courses from several fields of study. This major is unique because it is individually designed; students work with faculty advisers to design their curriculum around a chosen theme. Your program might encompass the natural sciences, social sciences, cultural studies, fine arts, technical and professional fields, or a combination of these. Interdisciplinary Studies is available by formal application only. The major offers two tracks:

Individualized Plan

This plan allows students to choose the emphasis of their major and craft their program of study with advice from faculty advisors. Examples include Environmental Planning, World Religions, and Digital Storytelling.

Students must declare this track of the major before completing 70 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.50. Exceptions include returning students, transfer students admitted with 70 or more credits, and active military or veteran students, who may declare this track of the major before completing 90 credits.

Medical Arts and Sciences Plan

This track is for students who plan to enter medical school or a health-related field after graduation but want to pursue coursework with a heavier liberal arts emphasis than the traditional "pre-med" trajectory. Within the track, students can design a curriculum to suit their individual interests. Examples include Holistic Health, Food Politics, and Midwifery. Students must declare this track of the major before completing 70 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.50.

See the Medical Arts and Sciences Plan page for a list of courses to consider as you work with faculty advisors to design a program of study.

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For more information about Interdisciplinary Studies, or for questions about the application process, contact Katie Van Wert.