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The UMD GIS BA program prepares students for careers in the Analysis and Modeling sector of the very large Geospatial Industry, as defined by the Geospatial Technology Competency Model developed by the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA). Practitioners in this sector know when and how to employ analytical functions of geospatial software tools to render valid and reliable information from geospatial data. (ETA, June 2010).

There are many reasons to get a GIS degree

  • The geospatial industry itself is a “high growth" industry
  • GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry and there is a growing awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS
  • The Minnesota Geospatial Information Office is facilitating the transformation of GIS use in State and County government business, which is creating new jobs
  • GIS allows users to utilize both scientific and creative skills
  • Aspiring Biologists, Geologists, Emergency Managers, Archaeologists, Political Scientists, Urban Planners and others will benefit from spatial thinking and an ability to use GIS tools.

Besides the major, UMD offers a GIS minor as well as an undergraduate certificate and a post-baccalaureate certificate. These other programs are designed for students or professionals from other fields who wish to add some GIS to their skill set. It is possible to complete the minor and certificates by taking online and night courses only.

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