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Geography and Philosophy

Bagley Outdoor Classroom


The Program in Geography provides students with the tools to understand the physical and social systems of the Earth so that they can play a role in addressing the critical environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.  Sustainability challenges are all around us: from climate change, to vulnerabilities in the industrial food system, to the way we design cities. Therefore, it is important that people understand human-environment interaction, the science behind how ecosystems work, and the systems that must be changed in order to put solutions into place. 

The program prepares students with essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed in professional employment and graduate education. Recent graduates from our department have been employed as cartographers, city planners, GIS specialists, hydrologists, soil conservationists, water resources technicians, natural resources planners, watershed technicians, environmental scientists, crime analysts, meteorologists, and K12 teachers, among others.

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