The Major

Cultural Entrepreneurship

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Cultural Entrepreneurship is a program that is designed for the cultural and creative economy. It is founded on three pillars. Those pillars include Business and Entrepreneurship, foreign languages, and competencies for conceptual age.

Three Pillars

Requires 70 credits total

-28 credits for Business

-30 credits for conceptual competencies

-9 For languages

Six Key Areas of conceptual Competencies

1. Creativity and Design

2. Empathy ethics and Respect

3. Meaning

4. Picture and Story

5. Play and Discipline

6. Symphony and Synthesis

This exposes students to a variety of disciplines and creates the "Big Picture" thought process.


Cultural entrepreneurship majors develop critical business and entrepreneurship skills in the liberal arts domain. Students can select from a number of courses in conceptual competencies pillar in order to develop depth in specific areas.