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Chinese Area Studies Major and Minor Program

This interdisciplinary program prepares students to thrive as globally aware and cross-culturally competent citizens through a critical understanding of Chinese cultures. Students develop functional Mandarin Chinese communication skills.


Chinese Class

UMD Students Join the Chinese Boom

All around the globe, the number of people studying Mandarin Chinese is growing. UMD students have joined the surge. Why? There are lots of reasons. Some are interested in Chinese culture; others want to travel or study abroad in China, and still others want to be able to work with a company doing business in China.
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Study Abroad Adventure in China

UMD's Kongmeng Vang: Exploring Southwest China

“Living in Chengdu is amazing,” said Kongmeng Vang, a UMD junior with a double major in environmental science and international studies.

When Kongmeng graduated from Champlin Park High School in Brooklyn Park, Minn., he had no idea that just a few years later he would be buying lunch from tiny noodle shops and climbing Tibetan mountain ranges.
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Requirements for the Major

Requirements for the Minor

Topics studied pertain to Chinese literature, history, politics, and art. This program also addresses the role of China within larger global contexts. A major in Chinese Area Studies prepares students to apply their practical language skills, cultural knowledge, and global awareness to a wide variety of career choices:

  • government
  • international relations
  • foreign service
  • immigration services
  • tourism
  • entrepreneurship

Study abroad to China is required for this major (minimum of 6 credits). For more information about the program or Mandarin Chinese language classes, please contact Prof. Weiqing Zhang (