Writing Program Course Descriptions

The Writing Program at UMD provides instruction, assessment, and curriculum development of College Writing (WRIT 1120) and Advanced Writing (WRIT 31xx) courses. WRIT 1120 fulfills the Liberal Education Writing and Information Literacy Requirement and WRIT 31xx is a graduation requirement for most majors at UMD.

College Writing (WRIT 1120)

WRIT 1120 provides instruction and practice in developing skills in critical thinking, argumentation, revision, information literacy, and documentation to prepare you for writing tasks that students will encounter throughout college, work, and the rest of their lives. Course assignments present challenges designed to hone competence and confidence in making writing decisions for any audience, purpose, or genre.

Advanced Writing (WRIT 31xx)

WRIT 31xx courses are divided by academic and/or professional categories (e.g., Arts and Letters, Engineering, Business, Social Sciences, etc.) to allow students to become consciously aware of how their respective academic and professional discourse communities regulate what counts as knowledge via conventions such as genres, documentation styles, and peer review processes, and in turn, what these conventions and mechanisms of communication reveal about these discourse communities’ public goals and shared values. Students are given opportunities to write in collaboration, for real audiences and purposes, and in multiple stages.