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Writing Program Outcomes

English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies

Map of UMD Writing Program Outcomes

Introduced, Reinforced, Well-Developed[1]

Domain Outcome (the student will...) WRIT 1120 WRIT 31xx
Rhetorical Knowledge and Critical Thinking Articulate and employ effective strategies for interpreting difficult and substantive texts Introduced Well-Developed
Identify textual and visual conventions in various genres and define how these vary according to audience, purpose, and rhetorical situation Introduced Reinforced
Identify opposing arguments for a single issue and analyze their use of rhetorical strategies Introduced Well-Developed
Demonstrate understanding of how style of writing varies with different rhetorical situations Introduced Reinforced
Identify genres of substantive writing within a student’s field Introduced
Rhetorical Performance Create a focused thesis that reflects topic’s complexity and a text’s genre, purpose, and audience Introduced Reinforced
Support text’s primary purpose with evidence acceptable, relevant, and sufficient for the audience and genre
Create well-organized and logically cohesive prose Introduced Reinforced
Create a text in genres of student’s profession, using the conventions correctly for specific audiences Introduced
Present primary research in textual form for a specific audience Introduced
Write about discipline related topic for both experts in the student’s discipline and for a public with lay understanding of student’s discipline Introduced
Apply the conventions of Edited Standard Written English (ESWE) and adapt style to suit a text’s genre and audience Reinforced Reinforced
Information Literacy Search and select evidence appropriate for text’s purpose and audience Introduced Reinforced
Understand the purpose and use of various documentation styles and follow their conventions appropriately Introduced Reinforced
Writing Process Use drafts, with specific goals for each draft Introduced Reinforced
Collaborate with peers (listen comprehensively to others in group work; take initiative within group work; cooperate as a team member) Introduced Reinforced
Use appropriate technology for commentary, revision, and collaboration Introduced Reinforced

[1] For this map, the term “Introduced” means instructors assume the concept/strategies are new to students; “Reinforced” means instructors assume the students have familiarity with the concepts/strategies but include work for practice with these concepts/strategies; “Well-Developed” means instructors assume students have well-developed their understandings of the concepts/strategies, and instructors provide minimal instruction for these concepts/strategies but expect the students to utilize the concepts/strategies within the work the students do.