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Welcome to the Writing Program Homepage
Write Here, Right Now.

By Matthew Dembosky, Professional Writing Major and Intern

Across all departments, UMD has dedicated itself to readying students in every major to be well-educated and prepared, as well as fostering the growth of academic studies within the University. Our Writing Program is proud to be an asset to both of these processes, and to give you the chance to conquer writing in any field you choose.

Why UMD Writing Program?

The world we live in today is not only fast-paced and demanding, but still as focused on communication as ever. The written word, via the internet, email, social media, and academic sites, create more works than ever before in history. Professors, job-creators, and potential employers see this, and they demand nothing but the best in written communications.  

How can the program help me?

The 2015 Job Outlook Report from National Association of Colleges and Employers listed the following top skills and qualities that employers seek in job candidates:

  • Work in a team structure
  • Communicate with people inside, and outside organizations
  • Plan, organize, and prioritize work
  • Obtain and process information
  • Analyze qualitative data
  • Create and/or edit written reports via technology or traditionally
  • Sell to, or influence others

Our Writing Program covers a complete spectrum of these demands, and professors always keep these in mind when guiding us through classes. The Writing Program offers accessible, comprehensive, and focused classes that allow everyone the ability to meet all qualifications listed, and more.

What’s your most important course? Why would I like it?

Each student takes our highest enrollment class, College Writing (WRIT 1120), which fulfills the Liberal Education Writing and Information Literacy Requirement. The instructors give every student the chance to practice persuasive writing, critical reasoning, and document design to succeed in your future writing inside and outside The University. Instructors make this happen through a variety of different projects ranging from academic papers, professional writing, writing for new media, and crafting effective and poignant emails (you’d be surprised how much I’ve used this last one!). Both the University and the department are proud of this course, and believe that it is the first step to taking students out of the five-paragraph essay box, and bringing them into the real, tangible world of writing.

Moreover, you will

  • Learn from our staff of successful writers
  • Develop skills students need to succeed in college
  • Create a variety of different projects designed to keep you interested
  • Explore a variety of different topics and genres

So I take College Writing. What can I do in writing next?

Completion of one 3000-level advanced writing course is a requirement for graduation for most majors at UMD. While most Universities offer only one or two options for advanced writing courses, UMD’s Writing Program offers seven courses that span across majors in every major area of study: Business, Science, Social Science, Social Services, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Language and Literatures. Whatever your major, you can be sure that the Writing Studies Department will have a course that allows you not only to perfect writing in your field, but also get real-world experience through projects directly related to your future works. The type of hands-on practice with things you’ll need every day in your field in these courses give you a lot more than three credits.

How can I learn more?

Contact our Writing Program Administrators, Dr. Elizabethada Wright, at, (218) 726-8091, or our Associate Writing Program Administrator, Avesa Rockwell, at, (218) 726-6175