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Majors and Minors

English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies

Bachelor of Arts in English

The English program provides students with the background and critical skills necessary to understand the humanities, and to contribute to its project of defining and improving the human condition through the study of language, literature, visual and performing arts, and history. The department offers two tracks of the English Major to prepare students to apply a broad range of humanistic practices to specific cultural and professional contexts. 

In keeping with the mission of the UMD English program, all English majors are actively involved in the pleasures and challenges of reading, interpreting, and creating a variety of texts, from literary classics to contemporary graphic fiction, from the Anglo-American canon to multicultural, postcolonial, and feminist expansions of that canon, from fiction, poetry, and drama to autobiography, film, and new media writing. English faculty and courses are thus committed to expanding and deepening our understanding of what counts as "literature," and to involving students in a range of literary activities and experiences. These include scholarly research and analysis, creative writing, oral presentations, online discussions, collaborative projects, publishing internships, teaching assistantships, and civic engagement learning.

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