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Obtaining Your Internship

English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies

Obtaining Your Internship

Once you’ve established your eligibility to do an internship and had an initial meeting with the Internship Coordinator, you’re ready to actually seek your internship. You and the Internship Coordinator will have decided which internship site you will apply to.
Here are the steps to take next:

  1. Make initial contact (by email, phone, or letter) with one or more potential internship host, asking if they would be willing to interview you.
  2. Tailor your Internship Application Packet for the particular business or organization to which you are applying. Make sure you include copies of the Placement Agreement, Midterm Evaluation Form, and Final Evaluation Form; this will help you explain what is expected of your supervisor during the internship. Bring the Intern Application Packet with you to your interview or send it in advance.
  3. Put your best foot forward during the interview—remember, the goal is to get them to offer you an internship!—but also use the interview as an opportunity to decide whether this particular internship is right for you.
  4. If the provider offers you an internship, fill in the appropriate areas on the Placement Agreement and ask the supervisor to complete and sign the agreement. Note that your host will be listing specific tasks that will be required of you during your internship, and that the exact dates for your mid-term and final evaluations must be filled in. This is also the time to discuss the hours and duration of your internship, and whether or not this will be a paid or unpaid internship. Then take the signed Placement Agreement to the Internship Coordinator, who will file it with other materials about your internship.
  5. Register for course credits for the internship by obtaining a permission number from the Internship Coordinator. The following will help you determine the number of credits you should register for:
  • 60-hour internship (4 hrs/wk for 15 weeks or equivalent) = 1 credit
  • 120-hour internship (8 hrs/wk for 15 weeks or equivalent) = 2 credits
  • 180-hour internship (12 hrs/wk for 15 weeks or equivalent) = 3 credits
  • 240-hour internship (16 hrs/wk for 15 weeks or equivalent)= 4 credits

Internship Coordinator
Evan Brier
H 420G / (218) 726-7839