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Our students bring value to any organization - as short term interns or entry level professionals. As interns and entry level professionals our students succeed in a variety of roles and fields, including (but not limited to): Marketing; PR; Project Management; Business Development; Community Outreach; Research; HR; Recruiting/Professional-Staffing; Event Management; Fundraising; Web-Content Design; Relationship Management and many more.

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Communication Majors and Minors bring a fundamentally valuable and transferable skill with them to every setting - the ability to understand how to leverage communication as a tool for: achieving goals, influencing people and situations, understanding others, collaborating with others, managing conflict and crises, and effectively conveying information to target audiences. If you're interested in posting a job or internship opportunity with us, please leverage the form above. If you're interested in partnering with us at a higher-level, feel free to reach out to Alastair Knowles to discuss what that relationship looks like.