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For Students



For Students

Our program exists - first and foremost - to provide our students with the resources, tools, experience, and exposure to help position them to be successful academics and budding professionals. Pursuing an internship provides students with numerous benefits, some of which include:

  • 'Real world' exposure to a field of interest - that can't be duplicated in the classroom - which helps students better understand what their career interests may be;
  • Professional experience and references, that will help position students to be stronger professional candidates following graduation;
  • An opportunity for students to grow their professional network, which will play a critical role in their future professional lives;
  • The chance for students to 'test' themselves outside of the classroom, helping them build their confidence as young professionals prepared for life after graduation;
  • And possibly putting themselves in a position to be hired by an organization that they contributed to as an intern.

Students should also be sure to review UMD's Gold-Pass, for internship and job opportunities posted through UMD and the University of Minnesota system in general. 

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