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Technology Programs

Technology Program

CLA Technology Programs

Humanities 458 Technology Learning Lab
The computer lab located in Humanities 458 is fully supported by CLA Tech and offers students and faculty a dedicated space for GIS instruction and learning. Other subject courses in Geography and Spatial and Quantitative Methods are also taught. For more information regarding the GIS Major or Minor, please contact Laure Charleux in the Geography and Philosophy department.

Communication Carts
A portable cart system consisting of a computer with audio and video hardware is used to capture student speeches in freshman level Public Speaking courses. Students and their professor review their own speeches as part of the learning outcomes for the class. The computer, hardware, and custom web application is highly autonomous and is maintained by CLA Tech.

Mobile Language Learning Group
Mobile App screenThe Mobile Language Learning Group coordinates students and faculty in computer science and foreign languages to produce innovative research at the crossroads of language learning, digital technology and cultural studies. CLA Technology provides assistance to this group in the form of hardware and software consultation for iPad purchasing and management. For more information about the MLLG, please contact Dana Lindaman in the FLL department.

Participatory Media Lab
The Participatory Media Lab is a student and faculty resource for social research and activism. CLA Tech offers technology assistance for the group's multimedia projects. Please contact David Syring for more information.

GIS Major / Minor

Journalism Technology Program

Student software programs (SPSS, ESRI ArcGIS, MS Office)

CLA Technology Grant Program