Dr. Hairong Feng

Hairong Feng

Professional title




Ph.D., Purdue University, Interpersonal Communication, 2007
M.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, Communication Studies, 2002
M.A., Beijing Normal University, China, Linguistics, 1996
B.A., Capital Normal University, China, English Education, 1993

Personal Statement

I joined the Communication Faculty at UMD in the fall of 2006. My research and teaching program explores the intersections of interpersonal, intercultural, and health communication. I am particularly interested in exploring cross-cultural variations in supportive communication and relational communication. Much of my current research is trying to identify cultural similarities and differences of supportive communication messages and underlying mechanisms for the variations. My teaching interests include Interpersonal Communication, Interpersonal Communication Theory, Relationship Communication, Supportive Communication and Well-being, Interpersonal Influence, Intercultural Communication, and Quantitative Methods for Communication Research.

Representative Research

Feng, H., Zhang, W., Huang, W., & Hong, S. (accepted).  A mediation model of giving advice intention across two cultures. Intercultural Communication Studies.

Feng, H., & Xiu, L. (2016). The effects of sex and gender role orientation on approach-based coping strategies across cultures: A moderated mediation model.  Communication Quarterly, first published on May 16, 2016 as doi: 10.1080/01463373.2016.1176940, 1-27.

Feng, H. (2015). Understanding cultural variations in giving advice among Americans and Chinese. Communication Research, 42, 1143-1167. 

Feng, H. (2015). Embracing cultural similarities and bridging differences in supportive communication. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, special issue, 22-41.

Feng, H. (2015). Politeness theory, cultural approaches. In Tracy, K., Ilie, C. & Sandel, T. (Eds.) (2015). The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction, pp. 1-6. Boston: John Wiley & Sons.

Feng, B., & Feng, H. (2013). Examining cultural similarities and differences in responses to advice: A comparison of American and Chinese college students. Communication Research, 40, 623-644.

Feng, H., & Wilson, S. R. (2012). Cultural variations in the reasons people provide avoidance support. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 5, 64-87.

Feng, H. (2011). Politeness (keqi): the fragrance of Chinese communication. China

Media Research, 7, 53-60. 

Feng, H., Chang, H-c., & Holt, R. (2011). Examining Chinese gift-giving behavior from the politeness theory perspective. Asian Journal of Communication, 21, 301-317.

Courses Taught

Relationship Communication
Group Communication
Senior Seminar on Social Support and Well-being
Communication Inquiry: Social Science Methods
Interpersonal Communication Theory
Theory of Intercultural Communication