The Viz and MMAD (Motion and Media Across Disciplines) Labs are exciting resources for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student research, pedagogical development, and creative exploration across the campus of UMD. Currently our labs are hosting multi-disciplinary collaborations among faculty in theatre, digital arts, exercise science, mechanical engineering, and computer science. These Labs build on the School of Fine Arts long-standing record of research support for UMD faculty and students, while consistently providing access to new and emerging technologies.

The Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab (MMAD Lab), which opened in 2014, is a 3D motion capture and high definition video production studio that offers unique opportunities for interdisciplinary research and creative activity, including ergonomic design, gait analysis, virtual reality, and the latest innovative techniques in video production and sound engineering. This studio is equipped with a multiple camera shoot studio, green screen cyclorama, backdrops, studio lighting and sound booth. 

Observing filming from the booth
Filming at the MMAD lab

The Viz Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab that focuses on the emerging visual technologies and techniques. Equipped with a variety of specialized workstations, high-end cameras and recording devices, the Viz Lab enables researchers to explore the limits of emerging technologies with projects that directly benefit the UMD community. The Viz Lab shares its space with the Art & Design Department's photographic shoot studio. All Art & Design students can use the shoot studio for creating new photographic or video work or for documenting their designs or artwork. For shoot studio access, please contact Art & Design Department, Assistant Prof. Kristen Pless.

Viz Lab-MMAD Lab Brochure.pdf

Research Pamphlet.pdf

The Labs are available for internal and external rental. Please contact us for rates and more details.