Victus Farm

This project features a unique partnership between UMD’s Center for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD) and the City of Silver Bay, MN (links).   The goal is to develop an integrated fish, plant and algal production system that will allow communities to create jobs producing their own healthy food and clean energy.

Our challenge is to create a sustainable facility and production system (minimizing the quantity and environmental impacts of any necessary inputs/outputs) at the smallest possible economically viable scale.  Our emphasis is on closing input/output loops, minimizing capital and operational inputs (i.e. electrical and heating loads and labor) while creating a healthy and humane working environment.  Redundancy is also integrated into the operation to provide flexibility during changing market conditions.   The end result is an 9,000 ft2 facility in Silver Bay, MN’s Eco-industrial Park.


In addition to the production and sale of fish, fruits and vegetables, algal fish feed, algal oil, biodiesel, compost and fish oils the facility will be used for the following:

  • Applied research aimed at improving production system economics and minimizing resource inputs and waste outputs
  • Educational training for future system operators
  • Community education aimed at communicating the value of local and sustainable food and energy production
  • A ‘Proof of Concept’ for future business ventures aimed at larger-scale operations, the design and manufacture of key system components and the design/installation of similar systems around the world


Thank you very much to our project supporters:

  1. U of MN’s NE Region Sustainable Development Partnership (NMSDP) – 5K
  2. MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) – 40K
  3. Iron Range Resources (IRR) – 262K+
  4. MN State Legislature – 299K+
  5. MN Dept. of Employment and Economic Development (MN DEED) – 597K+
  6. MN Lake Superior Coastal Program - $30K
  7. Lake County, MN – 50K
  8. Silver Bay, MN – 100K
  9. U of MN's IREE – 100K

And to all our community partners in the City of Silver Bay!