Anna Berger: Internship

Anna Berger

Communication, Professional Writing minor

Communications, Marketing, & Project Management Intern at Zeitgeist in Duluth, MN

General Duties
Some of my general duties are: soliciting donations from local companies for fundraisers, tracking and maintaining information in our shared database for events, organize event logistics for fundraisers, assist with various projects for different departments while working alongside my supervisor.

Most Memorable Experience
My most memorable experience was helping plan and execute our Renegade Fundraiser for 2019. This fundraiser allowed me to fully experience the process of planning, organizing, and executing an event. Seeing the sponsors of Zeitgeist gave me a chance to understand the people we were affecting as an organization. Another memorable part of this event was being able to help and interact with the staff outside of the office. Seeing the passion that goes into these events and the organization makes this internship worthwhile.

How has this internship influenced your career path?
In terms of my career path, this experience/internship has helped me gain many transferrable skills to future positions I'll be a part of. I've developed my knowledge in organization, time efficiency, collaboration, teamwork, and adaptability. A large part of being apart of this internship is that it allows me to understand that the Communication major itself opens many opportunities to work in various settings.