ELWS Faculty Interviewed for “The Public Lands” Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

ELWS faculty member, David Beard, interviewed by the Public Lands Podcast.

The Public Lands Podcast recently interviewed David Beard (Professor of Rhetoric) and Heather Graves about their recent book, The Rhetoric of Oil in the Twenty-First Century Government, Corporate, and Activist Discourses

The Public Lands Podcast is a weekly podcast about public lands and waterways, mainly in the United States and North America, covering current developments and featuring the insights of rangers, scientists, and others working at our public land sites.

Visit the Podomatic website to listen to Drs. Beard and Graves as they talk about what it means to say we’re living in the age of oil -- and how the fire at the Husky refinery brought their project, and the two of them as researchers, together in new, exciting, intellectual ways.