ELWS Faculty Maps Work Internationally

May 14, 2021

Professor David Beard completes long-term editing project for RhetCanada.

Professor David Beard has completed a long-term project editing a collection of essays about the relationship between national identity and scholarly research.  Bruce Dadey, President of RhetCanada and faculty at the University of Waterloo, describes the special issue in this way:

An innovative special issue of our journal, Rhetor, guest-edited by David Beard, is now available: Rhetor 8.1.
The issue features a collection of essays by RhetCanada members reflecting on how their national identity relates to their work as rhetoricians. The essays are a mix of the scholarly and the personal, and they present a fascinating intellectual map of our association. They also provide a portrait of rhetorical studies in Canada and in the various countries of our international members.

The project continues Beard's ongoing work in internationalizing teaching and research, including working as a Faculty Fellow for internationalization through the Global Programs and Strategies Alliance. 

For more information about the Writing Studies program in which Beard teaches (which prepares writers for working in an international context, a global world), visit the Writing Studies B.A. program page.