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John Hamlin Receives U of M President's Award for Outstanding Service

Photo of Dr. John Halmin
June 29, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. John Hamlin, winner of the 2018 University of Minnesota President's Award for Outstanding Service!

Dr. John Hamlin, professor in the Department of Anthropology, Sociology, and Criminology, has received the 2018 U of M President’s Award for Outstanding Service.

This systemwide award recognizes exceptional service to the University of Minnesota. Individuals who receive this award have demonstrated tremendous commitment to the university.

In her nomination letter, Susan N. Maher, dean of College of Liberal Arts, said, “Dr. Hamlin's generous portfolio of service experience was a primary reason that he served as Associate Dean for the College of Liberal Arts from 1996-2002. This was a period during which UMD changed from a quarter to a semester system, digitized its processes, pushed new diversity and equity programs, and explored new models of classroom delivery (online, hybrid, etc.). In his long and varied career, he has taken on leadership roles at UMD and the University of Minnesota system to revise education for the 21st century. He often worked at the cutting edge of technology, theory, and new pedagogies, and he has been a fierce advocate for equity, diversity, and fairness on the UMD campus.”

Dr. Jennifer Webb, associate professor of art history, said in her letter of support, “Dr. Hamlin has worked tirelessly for the good of the campus community including advocating for faculty, encouraging students, and supporting staff.”

A letter of support was also provided by Scott Laderman, professor of history, that said, "Professor Hamlin has been, in every aspect, a model University citizen. He is respected as a scholar, esteemed as an educator, and tireless in his service to the faculty, the campus and the community.”

About John Hamlin

Professor Hamlin received his bachelor of science in education, his masters of arts in sociology from Central Michigan University, and his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Delaware. He began teaching sociology and criminology at UMD in 1981. He has received over $50,000 in funding for grants and projects conducted at UMD.

In addition to his duties as professor, Hamlin served on dozens of committees for his department, the College of Liberal Arts, UMD, and the University of Minnesota system. He received many accolades for his service on the UMD Faculty Council and served two terms as president of the UEA Faculty Union, a 12 year commitment.