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Kimberly Newton: Alumni

Alumni Photo: Kimberly Newton
Kimberly Newton entered UMD as a pre-business major, but switched majors during her sophomore year to Communication when she realized that her strengths and passions were in relationship building and interpersonal communication. Newton says, 

“I found my home in the College of Liberal Arts as it houses wonderful faculty and staff who genuinely care about their students. As a Student Advisor for the Office for Students in Transition, I enjoyed working with the advisors in CLA and assisting students in finding their first college courses. During my senior year, I was a Peer Advisor in the advising office where I helped students declare majors and minors, assigned academic advisors, and educated students on resources such as Graduation Planner and APAS. Outside of CLA, I served as student body president with UMD Student Association and a Welcome Week Team Lead Rockstar.” 

Newton will finish her Master of Arts in Leadership in Student Affairs this May from the University of St. Thomas. Her goal is to help create opportunities for college students so that their undergrad experiences are as positive as her own. Newton currently serves as the Student Activities Graduate Intern at Century College where she advises their planning activities committee. She is also the Student Life and Leadership Development Graduate Intern at Concordia University- St. Paul.