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Keith Loveland: Alumni

Alumni Photo: Keith Loveland

Keith Alden Loveland is a nationally recognized attorney, author, consultant and teacher within the fields of investments, securities and securities offerings, ethical versus fraudulent practices regarding investments and securities, and fiduciary matters. He has been qualified as an expert regarding the above matters in state and federal courts, and also has served as an arbitrator and qualified neutral mediator. Keith currently serves as a subject matter expert to the North American Securities Administrators’ Association [NASAA]; he previously served as a subject matter expert to the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] Qualification Committee. 

Mr. Loveland is a member of the American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Committee on Federal Regulation of Securities, and Committee on State Regulation of Securities. He has been a member of the Financial Planning Association since 1983, serving a three year term on their Board of Directors from 2011 to 2013. He was a recipient of the FPA Heart of Financial Planning Award in 2010. 

Among other activities, Keith is a member of Mensa; Intertel; The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry; the Triple Nine Society; and the CLA Advisory Board.