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Kellie Hanson : Alumni

Alumni Photo: Kellie HansonKellie Hanson always believed that no dream is too big; that success is achieved through passion, persistence, and most importantly, education. In September 2001, her path started at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s College of Liberal Arts (CLA). Kellie’s goal was to become a journalist. 

She majored in Communication with a focus on journalism. The program offered a wide variety of classes within the major, and also provided valuable experiences in creative writing, professional writing, sociology, public speaking, psychology, political science, English, literature, etc. 

Kellie’s junior year, she took the opportunity to study abroad in Birmingham, England for nine months. She immersed herself into new cultures learning about people, traditions, and language and experiencing history first-hand by traveling throughout Europe. With the study abroad program, She was able to minor in foreign studies

Before graduating, She accepted a journalism position at a Duluth television news station. For the next five years, she moved across the country and worked at various news networks. In 2011, she went back to school to earn her paralegal certification. Today, she utilizes both her bachelor’s degree and paralegal certification in a career focused on contract law and technical writing.