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Jane Pederson : Alumni

Photo of Jane Pederson

Jane Pederson is a 2012 Communication and Psychology graduate and is now the Marketing Manager at Glensheen Mansion, a department of the University of Minnesota. After completing Dr. Sunnafrank’s Human Communication Theory class and a few other Communication classes with the superb Communication faculty and staff, she knew that the Communication major was right for her. She became an active member of the Communication Club and later an officer for the club. She supplemented her coursework as a research assistant for Dr. Downs in his distracted driving research and a teaching assistant her senior year for Dr. Goei’s Human Communication Theory class.

Jane landed a job with Staples Advantage, the business division of the office supply company, after attending the U of M Job Fair. There she used her skilled communication to create office supply solutions for businesses. (AKA the TV show, The Office, became all too real.) While earning valuable experience and business acumen for a year and a half, the mighty Lake Superior began to call her back. In December of 2013, Jane returned to UMD as an employee. She started as the Sales & Events Coordinator for Glensheen, eventually moving into the Marketing Manager role.

Jane credits much of her professional success to the Communication department through the relationships she built with her fellow classmates and professors. As a supporter of the Communication department, Jane is now a member of the Communication Alumni Advisory Council and looks forward to giving back to the department which set her foundation.