Technology Program

Welcome to CLA Technology Programs

CLA continues its tradition of instituting technology initiatives which enhance students' educational experience, skills, and professional training. It is our goal to provide programs and opportunities aimed at building technological skills, abilities, and digital literacy in liberal arts.

This goal is achieved by providing the hardware, software and training students need to be competitive in academics and the job market. These goals have been accomplished through the improvement of multimedia classroom infrastructure, provisioning of software licensing, hiring technology professionals, and building technology lab facilities and enhanced classrooms. I hope you enjoy taking a look at this year's CLA technology initiatives and programs. John Boucha, Interim Technology Director

Technology Program Internal Review Documents

Whom and When to Call for Technology Help

Review our help document to find the best way to get technology help.

CLA Technology Grant Program

Students and faculty are welcome to explore the CLA Technology Grant Program which grants aid toward a technology project.